A look back at 2019 and goals for 2020: Camper conversion and rental

A look back at 2019 and goals for 2020: Camper conversion and rental

31. December 2019 0 By Van Bro #2

In this article I list the current status of the Iveco Daily Camper conversion with all costs incurred in 2019. Afterwards, I set some goals for 2020 to get a little closer to the goal of a camper van that pays for itself.

Review 2019

We started in the winter of 2019. For some months we thought about the idea to buy a motorhome and in the end it became clear: For 15.000€ the offered motorhomes are already in a poor condition or pretty old. And so we finally decided to convert a delivery truck into a camper van:

Iveco Daily 2013 Camper conversion

After searching for a few months, we found a suitable Iveco Daily that met most of our needs, i.e. a super high roof, maximum length and had a suitable engine.

As of 31.12.2019 almost 5.700€ have been invested in the base vehicle, about 320€ in the first spare parts and 1.400€ in the camper conversion. You can find a detailed overview of all costs for our camper conversion here. We have already installed the new window regulator and replaced a side mirror as well as the shift linkage. So far the costs are divided as follows:

Investment: Purchase & registrationSum: 5777€
Iveco Daily L5H3, 170tkm, built: 20135.700 €
short term registration (5 days)13 €
short term insurance (5 days)50 €
license plate14 €
Investment: RepairsSum: 320 €
Side mirror: left68€
shift linkage104 €
window regulator left91 €
Seat upholstery drivers seat56 €

We did already buy some parts for the camper conversion, but have not yet installed them. Nevertheless, some work has already been done: Alubutyl is completely attached. About 70% of the Armaflex sticks on the walls (some places are still left out for future roof hatches and windows).
We also welded a frame out of the purchased steel and screwed it to the Iveco. This will become a frame that will give a strong hold to all furniture, but also serves us as a solid underconstruction for our full-size bed.

Investment: Camper conversionSum: 1459 €
2 water tanks (80l each)100 €
Shurflo Whisperking water pump50 €
Thetford C403 Toilet + small parts400 €
10 qm Alubutyl; 30 qm 19mm Armaflex XG374 €
2 consoles for ISRI Seats238 €
full gas bottle (34€ + 22€)56 €
battery box10 €
table construction from a motorhome150 €
steel (4-kant steel, 12,7 meter 400x400x3)70 €

Today, on 31.12.2019, a total of almost 7880 € has been invested and our future camper is still in a very poor condition. Repairs as well as the actual cibversion are still to come. On the other hand, we were able to spend some time on converting the transporter to become a camper van during the Christmas holidays. For now, the Iveco is completely insulated on the walls and on about half of the ceiling. Alubutyl is attached to all large surfaces. We have also installed the basic frame of the bed so that we can firmly position electronics, tanks, gas etc. in the future cargo space under the bed.

Goals for 2020: Camper conversion and rental:

  1. Camper conversion and repairs to be completed by 1 May 2020. Admittedly, this is a very tight schedule, since apart from some time-consuming repairs, almost the entire conversion is to be completed in 4 months.
  2. Register the vehicle as a camping vehicle. Currently the vehicle is neither ready to drive nor registered. For the re-registration as a camoing vehicle, various requirements must be met, which we would like to fulfill in order to register the Iveco as a motorhome, not as a truck. Once it is registered as a camping vehicle, the insurance price decreases drastically!
  3. 1 vacation in your own camper. As soon as the camper is registered, a trial vacation is due. A trip to Sweden, Norway, Scotland, France or, if vacations are rare, a short vacation to the Netherlands would be nice.
  4. 3 successful rentals. This last goal is the most difficult, because the high season for the renting camper vans and motorhomes is between May and September and the booking is usually done a few weeks in advance. Should the conversion take considerably longer, the rental in the high season becomes unlikely. Of course, even if the camper is ready to go in summer, we will still have the task to find someone, who is willing to spend money on our conversion!
  5. Income via the website to cover the running costs of the camper for 2 months. We will know how high these costs are once the camper van is registered and insured. But in any case, this website will hopefully help us to finance the camper van.

In December 2020 we will take a closer look at the above goals and review the extent to which we have achieved them.

We wish all readers a good start into the new year and always a good trip!