Armaflex ACE, XG or AF? These are the differences!

Armaflex ACE, XG or AF? These are the differences!

11. June 2020 0 By Van Bro #2

Before our own camper insulation I did some research and in this article I would like to explain the differences between Armaflex ACE, XG and AF and show you where you can buy Armaflex cheaper.

Armacell offers various Armaflex variants, some of which differ considerably in terms of quality and price. For the insulation of a camper van or motorhome you should consider carefully whether you want to use the low-priced Armaflex ACE, the more expensive XG or the most expensive AF variant!

ACE, XG, AF: Which one to use?

Let´s talk about the differences: With Armaflex you can quickly pick the wrong product, not at last because dealers do not label their goods properly.

For example, if you search for “original Armaflex self-adhesive” on ebay or amazon, the first and most favorable results are most likely the cheaper, but inferior (and strong-smelling) Armaflex ACE. My impression is that dealers are deliberately concealing the fact that this is not the product customers are looking for, since “original Armaflex” and similar terms sound convincing, but do not give specifics about the product. In general, the ads are not incorrect, as ACE, XG and AF are all originals Armaflex products from Armacell.

Armaflex ACE (Armaflex Accoflex)

Armaflex ACE Camper diffence insulation camper van

Accoflex, or ACE insulation mats are from an older generation of insulation which has been solt by Armacell for decades. However, Accoflex and ACE have lower insulation values and poorer technical properties than XG and AF. For illustration purposes I have linked Armaflex ACE once (but this is not a recommendation to buy, please read the article to the end 😉 ).

ACE and Accoflex are produced in a foreign production site and can therefore are offered at a reasonable price. To make sure that you are not buying ACE plates with a product, you should explicitly search for “XG” or “AF”, or make sure that ACE or Accoflex does not appear anywhere. An example is the following German product description…

ACE XG AF in Camper - don t make this mistake

If you have accidentally bought Armaflex ACE mats, you should also notice a chemical smell. Over time, the smell gets weaker, but many unhappy customers have complained about it in forums. Therefore: Hands off ACE for your camper!

Armaflex AF:

Armaflex AF Camper diffence insulation camper van

The AF series from Armacell is at the other end of the quality range and offers the best properties, but Armaflex AF* is also the most expensive. The products in the AF series are equipped with the so-called Microban ® protection. Armacell says: “AF is the flexible insulation material equipped with MICROBAN ® technology. When microbes come into contact with the surface of the insulation, the MICROBAN ® protection penetrates the cell walls of the micro-organism, which thus becomes dysfunctional and can no longer grow or multiply. Since this protection is established directly during the manufacturing process, no washout or wear is possible”.

This manufacturing process is reflected in the final price. According to this quality level is not necessary for the use in motor homes, campers and caravans.

The technical values of Armaflex AF are basically comparable with the values of the more economical XG series. And so I come to the recommendation:

Armaflex XG:

Armaflex XG Camper diffence insulation camper van

Armaflex XG has the same good insulating properties as Armaflex AF and is also available in self-adhesive versions. Microban ® protection is not necessary for a typical camper van conversion.

The XG series looks visually identical to the AF series. You can work with XG just as well and it also has the same technical insulation properties. You can find the prices for Armaflex XG at amazon* here. However, there are also some other (cheaper) purchase options, which I describe below.

Buy Armaflex XG cheaper

Consequently, sufficient for camper van insulation is Armaflex XG. Perhaps you also know how many square meters and what thickness you would like to have? The final question is: Where is the best place to buy Armaflex?

I had done some research for a few days because I wanted to order 30sqm for our L5H3 Camper and saved a few Euros. The following price comparison is based on the commonly used self-adhesive version of the Armaflex XG box with 6qm and 19mm thickness.

Especially the shipping costs should be kept in mind! Since each roll of Armaflex is delivered individually in a large cardboard box, considerable shipping costs may be incurred if you order several rolls.

Armaflex XG at amazon

Stop! Do not buy immediately, is not my favorite, but you should compare prices in your country! The clear advantage is the simplicity, because the marketplace is usually known and learnt. In terms of price it was noticeable that the purchase price was a little higher, but free shipping was offered in Germany. If you live in the UK or elsewhere, it might be different!

In the end, however, the price was the highest in comparison to my other choices at the time of my research! But you should check this yourself, because the price can change at any time:

Armaflex XG 19mm 6qm Selbstklebend at amazon*

Armaflex XG at ebay:

My favourite was in the end ebay! In this article I do not mention a few other sellers, such as, as they might not ship to your country. However, you can check them out!

The advantage: I was able to buy from my trusted dealer (isolierprofi24), but I got the best price on ebay, where he sells his products, too. By the way, the shipping costs were free on ebay, as well. The total price was still much cheaper than on Amazon (almost 10€ cheaper per box). Besides: Whoever buys several rolls gets a small quantity discount, depending on your country.

Armaflex XG 19mm 6qm self-adhesive at ebay*


Ultimately, you have to decide where to buy your insulation mats. But you should check the most important things before you buy:

  1. Is it really Armaflex XG? (What does it say on the box?
  2. Is it self-adhesive? (and do you want to)
  3. Have you really chosen the right square meter and mm thickness?

Background – Insulation with Armaflex

Armaflex is a very compact foam that cannot absorb water or moisture because the surface is completely closed. Even if the surface is destroyed, no water can penetrate. For this reason Armaflex is a good and frequently used choice for vehicle insulation. Of course, the self-adhesive mats also simplify installation.

But it is important: There are many different ways to insulate your camper. Armaflex is only one of these possibilities, but for us it was definitely the right decision. Especially because you can save yourself the trouble of building a vapour barrier.

Why the insulation of your camper is a good idea!

In case the whole article has now shown you which Armaflex you need and where you can buy Armaflex, but you don’t know what for: Then let me briefly summarize what this insulation is good for, among other things. If you have a camper or motor home and you want to stay in some colder, it is a good idea to insulate your vehicle. This helps with heat, cold and sound (noise).

When it gets cold outside, you may want to heat up your camper. This works without insulation, but only with a much higher energy output, for example with a constantly running independent heater. The much more important aspect, however, is the formation of condensation inside the vehicle. This can be prevented with good insulation. This can be done with Armaflex, but there are also many other possibilities (some of which are somewhat controversial).

Explanation – Condensation: The moisture in the warm air leads to condensation on the cold windows of the car. Water droplets form. This can lead to rust and mold in the long run. Especially if good ventilation in the cavities of the camper is not ensured.

Other good reasons for installing an insulation in the camper are: You do not hear your neighbors snoring so loudly. You don’t need ear muffs when it rains, because the tin roof doesn’t swing so much. You have more privacy inside the camper, because sound from inside doesn’t come out so much.

That is all about insulation for today. If you like to know more about our camper van, have a look at our overview of all costs and articles about the camper conversion.