The idea – Iveco Daily Camper Van

Who we are?

2 Brothers: The older, learned to be a car/truck mechanic and helicopter mechanic. At that time learned with IVECO and therefore with much expertise and courage when it comes to repairs goes.

The younger one, who has been on the road a lot and with his two hands is the temp for all the tasks that remain: Shooting photos, holding the camera, installing insulation. eager to learn!

The challenge:

A motor home! Expensive to buy, expensive to maintain and usually you use it only a few weeks a year. For this luxury to spend several 10-thousand euros and then to pay monthly taxes, parking fees and possibly insurance was out of the question for us. But we would still like to own a motor home and it should also offer space for 3-4 people. For which camper base we decided on and why you can read here.

The idea was born: 

We are certainly not the first to convert a van into a motor home. But at least this is a blog of a few who will honestly report about all the costs, annoyances and obstacles involved in the conversion. A listing of all the costs incurred for the camper conversion can be found here, and you can also see which costs we had planned and which not…

Rent a camper? Risky!

A transporter and its modification are not favorable. Therefore we have decided to rent the camper during the summer months. So we can hopefully reduce the costs a bit. And since the camper rental is an exciting (possibly nerve-racking) topic, we will share our experiences with the rental here. Surely there will be some breakdowns, but we are confident that we will be able to reduce the running  costs even after repairs. And with a little support, this blog will help us to further reduce the costs.

But this is dreams of the future! For the first time the Iveco Daily has to be converted into a real eye-catcher. We report on the expansion in chapters that you can find here: