Chapter 4: Replacing window regulators

Chapter 4: Replacing window regulators

28. December 2019 0 By Van Bro #2

Already during our inspection of the Iveco the seller told us that the window regulator is broken. After discussing the final price for the van, we agree that the window regulator will be repaired before I pick up the van.

However, when I picked up the Iveco a week later, the window regulator hadn’t really been repaired. Only the door panel has to be remounted. The seller was fair enough to reduce the purchase price by 100€, which is roughly the price of the regulator.

Now, another 2 weeks later, it is time to repair the window regulator. While searching for the right window regulator motor, we recognized that there is the right motor from countless manufacturers and at prices ranging from 90€ to 170€. We finally bought a complete set on ebay for 93€.

Iveco Daily 5 window regulator replacement

Replacing the window regulator is not a difficult task. To remove it, you only have to remove the door panel. Afterwards the window lifter can already be loosened by unscrewing just a few screws. Caution: The window pane was not glued to the window lifter, i.e. there is a risk that the window glass could simply fall between the door and the window lifter. It is therefore important that the window glass is secured beforehand (i.e. using duck tape to hold it in top position).

We completed the entire repair in under an hour. Unfortunately, it turned out that the shift console for the control of the window regulator and the side mirrors are somewhat broken, too.

Now, that the window regulator has been repaired, there are a few to-dos on the repair list, for which the issues must first be searched for. Especially the rear view camera is essential for a 7 meter long transporter. We want to find a solution for this soon. But more about that in one of the next articles.