Chapter 3: Replacing shift linkage and side mirror

Chapter 3: Replacing shift linkage and side mirror

27. December 2019 0 By Van Bro #2

The day and with it the repair of the Iveco Daily V started at almost 0°C and with rain.

Let´s look back: The old shift linkage was broken and only the gears 3-6 could be shifted properly. You can find an overview of all necessary repairs on our Iveco Daily in our first article. The following video (german) shows the shift linkage before the replacement.

After disassembly, it became apparent that the entire shift linkage had to be replaced, not just the “bright ring” you can see in the video.

A new shift linkage from Iveco (original part) costs just about 100€ on ebay, so it is relatively cheap. The installation was done in 30 minutes. Because of the darkness in the morning there is no video for the installation itself.

Replacing Side Mirrors

Next we took care of the broken side mirror on the drivers side.

The replacement itself is done quickly. Actually, it only takes a few screws and 2 plugs that have to be (dis-)connected. But during the replacement we noticed that the control panel for the window lifter and the side mirrors has a loose contact or at least does not react well. But since everything works, as long as you touch the button gently, we will not replace the control panel for the time being.

After the repair of the side mirror and the shift linkage, the two most obvious defects were repaired (apart from the rear sheet metal damage). In the next article we will focus on the window lifter before we can start with the actual conversion of the Iveco Daily 5 into a camper van.

Next, we will focus on the window regulators that need to be replaced on the driver’s side. You can find more about this in our next blog entry.