Sheet metal nibbler drill attachment: THE tool for your camper conversion

Sheet metal nibbler drill attachment: THE tool for your camper conversion

22. January 2020 0 By Van Bro #2

Admittedly, the post title sets high expectations. However, it is actually a small tool that has only 1 function: Cutting sheet metal. In this article we will talk about the sheet metal nibbler drill attachment*, which makes our work much easier.
With the completion of the armaflex XG insulation and the bedstead, we started with the electrical work today. In the process, we came across this inexpensive tool that turned out to be very useful, considering its pricetag.

We bought the sheet metal nibbler for cutting metal for the side windows, land socket as well as the roof hatches. Instead of buying an electrical tool, we bought the drill attachment for a few Euro. We use the sheet metal nibbler drill detachment for the first time to cut the hole for the land power socket. You can also cut the metal sheets with a jigsaw. However, the work with the sheet metal nibbler is much more pleasant. It is quieter (not to be underestimated!) and more precise in curves. With a little practice, you can cut very fine curves without causing paint chips or small dents in the sheet metal.

You can watch the cutting of the sheet metal in our video. We are very enthusiastic about the little Nibbler. It will be absolutely worth its price, if it survives our 4 windows and 2 roof hatches! Are you still looking for a tool to cut holes for windows in your camper? We recommend this cheap tool! And for only 15-20€, the sheet metal nibbler drill attachment* is quite useful.

The video is in German, well, we are Germans… but I guess you can hear our enthusiasm 🙂

Contents of the sheet metal nibbler drill attachment box

Blechnibbler Blechknabber Inhalt Blech schneiden Erfahrungsbericht

The sheet metal nibbler has a very simple design. It consists of a main body, which is then attached to an electric drill. The two black ends to the side are identical. Both can cut sheet metal, but on one, the the plastic handle is attached, while you cut on the other side.

Once the plastic handle is attached, you can start. You can watch our first experiences in our video.

If you like to buy this sheet metal nibbler, best check out ebay, as (or any other amazon) has a higher pricetag. Excluding shipping a good price should be 15-20€ (13-15 GBP). We got this one: sheet metal nibbler drill attachment*, but there are plenty other options. Our box came with 3 knife holders (2 on each side of the main body + 1 extra holder) and 2 “cutting sticks”, which can be used from both ends.

Sheet metal nibbler drill attachment for camper van conversion

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